Letterhead is the foundation of your professional business identity. When paired with matching custom printed envelopes, you’ve got a complete corporate branding – at the most competitive pricing. Letterhead is a business stationary stamped or embossed with the company name, logo, and address at the top. The standard sheet size is 8.5 x 11 inches. This can vary according to the need and demand.

The importance of the letterhead is for both, old and new business entrants. A good logo can express the interest and ideas of the organization. It also reflects your business identity and professional ability in a better way. A company logo must be unique and do not resembles with the logos of other companies.


When a business decides to design a letterhead or to change the one that they have, there is a lot of thought that must go into it. A letterhead is as important as a brand, in that it represents a company and can impart a first impression to its potential customers. Therefore, a letterhead must look professional, otherwise people might assume the business is less competent and not one they want to have any dealings with.

Once the letterhead is researched and chosen, all of the stationery that the company uses must be changed to feature it. That includes changing all the stationery that the company uses for correspondence, including the envelopes, any purchase orders and invoices, compliment slips, memo pads and note pads and also updating all of the business cards that are printed for company executives and sales people.
It is important that all company stationery matches, as this will do much to reinforce not only the corporate image, but also what your business stands for. When everything published or sent out to clients and customers matches it give a favorable impression to those who plan to do business with them; the more professional a company looks the more business it will attract.

Designing letterhead is the most important and sensitive issue. The design must match with the overall stationary of the company that is the part of the advertising campaign. Lots of online printing companies are providing the letterhead design and printing services. They also provide different business samples and templates for the customers to choose the appropriate design.

Member Price

80gsm Simili Paper 

100gsm Simili Paper

A4 (210mm x 297mm)

A4 (210mm x 297mm)

4C + 0C (1 Side)

4C + 0C (1 Side)

Qty RM


59.50 59.50


65.10 65.10


85.90 85.90


121.70 121.70


147.20 147.20


173.60 173.60


211.40 211.40


287.80 287.80


302.90 302.90


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354.80 354.80


391.60 391.60
1. Minimum Quantity 300
2. Printing colour must be 4C + 0C / 1 Side colour