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Yes,Double Cover Double Protection.
Wearing one disposable mask that fits tightly
to your face, and above it a mask sleeve can
help limit the spread of the virus that
causes COVID-19.

Save Money

Prolong the lifespan of surgical
masks especially when only
use for a short period.

Keep Fresh

Use the sleeve and swap with
a clean one if becomes damp.

Reduce the Environmental Impacts

The environmental pollution
and negative impact caused by
surgical masks keep increasing
with the current ongoing
pandemic. Do your part!


WATER REPELLENT Mask Sleeve Features:

icon01 German Technology Water Repellent

To prevent any bodily fluids (for example, sweat, blood or mucus) from being absorbed into the mask. 

icon02 Skin Friendly & Lightweight Breathable Fabric 

icon03 Anti Odour & Bacterial 

icon04 Washable (Withstand heat up to 110 °C) 

icon05 Fits Most of the Face Masks 

icon06 High Elasticity, One-size-fits-all. 

icon07 Manufactured by using German and Japanese technologies




1. Surgical mask + mask sleeve.

2. Press the mask tightly on the nose bridge.

3. Ensure breathing isn’t blocked.



1. Do not pair two masks of same kind.

2. Do not use same mask for two consecutive days.

3. Wash mask sleeve regularly.