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Brochure Printing, Brochure Paper, Brochure Types, Brochure Online Purchase

Brochure is also known as catalogue or trend book and it is playing one the most important key tool in your marketing toolbox. Brochure is a great way to feature your services, especially when placed in high-traffic areas like a train station, shopping mall, or exhibition hall. There are few things you would need to consider before you start. Always start with the “why”, creating a brochure without knowing your purpose would not bring you any benefit. This does not refer to what will it be but why is it important and the purpose it serves. Knowing your purpose will help you have a focused, concise message that resonates with customers.


Next, always keep your design SIMPLE. Keep in mind that a brochure is an overview, not an anthology of your business services, do not overdo and always keep your content simple and focusing. By trying to say it all, you could overwhelm readers, sacrifice visual appeal and lose your reader. When talking about your business, be sure to focus on the benefits of your company or products, rather than just features. Product features aren’t relatable, while benefits speak directly to the customer about what they have to gain by investing in your business.

Make sure that when customers are done reading, they know what you want them to do. Make sure your call to action is visible, concise and does not require any real work on behalf of the customer. Apart from the design, it is important to think about how your brochure is displayed. Consider a brochure holder that can be custom printed to compliment and enhance your branding.

Recommendation to place your brochure

-The high traffic door and hallway
-The store front and counter
-The train station and bus stop
-The lobby and waiting room
-Along with other products and prints

So take all these notes to heart. Use this information to deploy effectively with guaranteed results. As long as you are careful and determined, this should be very beneficial for you. Good luck!

At, we provide a wide range of choices for printing, all designed to drive sales. We’ve compiled a list of best practices to follow when it comes to marketing with your printed brochure to give you place to get started.

Brochure Price List

Type A(A4X3) Long Brochure
Type A 630mmX297mm CMYK 4 colour offset printing
Quantity 128g 157g 260g Letter Fold Roll Fold 3 Letter Fold+Half Fold
Accordion Fold 2 Accordion Fold 3 Accordion Fold 2 +
Half Fold
300 RM522 RM553 RM565 RM57 RM74 RM74
500 RM539 RM564 RM652 RM57 RM74 RM74
1,000 RM570 RM619 RM792 RM57 RM74 RM74
2,000 RM772 RM821 RM1,135 RM74 RM90 RM90
3,000 RM898 RM985 RM1,656 RM90 RM107 RM107
4,000 RM1,073 RM1,224 RM2,017 RM107 RM123 RM123
5,000 RM1,261 RM1,463 RM2,398 RM123 RM140 RM140
6,000 RM1,501 RM1,703 RM2,902 RM140 RM156 RM156
7,000 RM1,690 RM1,942 RM3,366 RM156 RM173 RM173
8,000 RM1,891 RM2,182 RM3,830 RM173 RM189 RM189
9,000 RM2,164 RM2,420 RM4,295 RM189 RM206 RM206
10,000 RM2,382 RM2,659 RM4,760 RM206 RM223 RM223
Type B(A4X4) Long Brochure
Type B 840mmX297mm CMYK 4 colour offset printing
Quantity 128g 157g 260g Gate Fold Accordion Fold 3 Accordion Fold 4/
Double Gate Fold Accordion Fold 3 + Half Fold
300 RM522 RM553 RM692 RM57 RM74 RM74
500 RM539 RM564 RM800 RM57 RM74 RM74
1,000 RM629 RM670 RM1,014 RM57 RM74 RM74
2,000 RM875 RM922 RM1,462 RM74 RM90 RM90
3,000 RM1,064 RM1,138 RM1,967 RM90 RM107 RM107
4,000 RM1,266 RM1,355 RM2,573 RM107 RM123 RM123
5,000 RM1,474 RM1,586 RM3,178 RM123 RM140 RM140
6,000 RM1,650 RM1,799 RM3,848 RM140 RM156 RM156
7,000 RM1,877 RM2,048 RM4,464 RM156 RM173 RM173
8,000 RM2,090 RM2,280 RM5,081 RM173 RM189 RM189
9,000 RM2,298 RM2,513 RM5,698 RM189 RM206 RM206
10,000 RM2,531 RM2,724 RM6,314 RM206 RM223 RM223
* Additional charges are applicable for creating Crease Line on Laminated paper
* Double sided lamination is only available on Art paper 128gsm
* Folding is only available on Art paper 128gsm & 157gsm


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Brochure Printing | Brochure Paper | Brochure Types | Brochure Online Purchase