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On this page you will find all the useful information about our landscape or portrait, saddle-stitched or perfect bound products.

Booklet Printing, Booklet Maker Online, Booklet Making Promotion

We produce beautifully printed booklet in black or full colour. The printing orientation can be landscape (i.e. bound on the short edge) or portrait (i.e. bound on the long edge). We offer a choice of uncoated, gloss coated and silk coated materials in various weights ranging from 80gsm to 157gsm. The Executive materials are uncoated.

Our standard printing sizes are:

  • A4 portrait
  • A4 landscape
  • A5 portrait
  • A5 landscape

A4 price list, click here. A3 price list, click here.

The binding method available:

  1. Saddle stitched booklet – this means that after printing, they are stapled through the spine

Booklet Printing, Booklet Maker Online, Booklet Making Promotion

Some people who are unfamiliar with printing jargon get confused over the meaning of the word “pages” (sometimes thinking it means “leaves”). If you imagine that you are reading a book with numbered pages starting at page number 1, then when you turn the page the other side is page number 2 and so on – this is what we (and the rest of the printing industry) mean by pages.

When printing and binding a booklet we need to have a number of pages which are divisible by four. The minimum number of pages is eight – four pages of text and a four page cover. The cover can be on the same material as the text (this is known as a self-cover booklet printing).

When you are answering the questions on our price calculator page, please let us know the total number of pages in your Booklet including the cover, and then tell us how many of the text pages need colour printing and/or black and white printing and/or spot colour printing. Finally, we need to know the colour for printing the cover, the material for printing the cover and whether you would like it to be unlaminated, gloss laminated or matt laminated.

We hope the information above is useful for you, when  you are ready to work out a printing price, refer to the pricing or drop us an e-mail for the your booklet pricing.

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